Aligned Volume 4 Release & A Surprise

Thursday, June 30 2016 / 3:12 am

Aligned: Volume 4

It's finally here! I'm so excited to share with you the conclusion of the Aligned series!

Aligned Volume 4 Cover

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Reviews for Aligned: Volume 4:

"Be ready for a dark, sexy and heart-wrenching end."

"WOW! I have no words."

"I now perfectly understand what she means when she describe herself as "author of sexy romance with a twist" :) Highly recommended book!"

"I expected this fourth and final book in the Aligned series to be totally epic, and let me just say… I was not wrong!"

"I just love the way your twisted mind works!"

"Aligned: Volume 4 is a deeply emotional and stunningly epic conclusion to this incredible series."

Aligned: Ever After

So this is the free thank you novella that I have been working on! Aligned: Ever After!

Aligned Ever After Cover

© Cara Garrison

Coming August/September 2016

This is a bonus book that is not part of the main 4 book series. It is a short novella that will tell the character's happily ever after story and will be completely free to everyone that is on my mailing list as a thank you for being so awesome and supporting me so much through this first series. It will be given away exclusively on my mailing list and will not be sold on Amazon or any other site. You do not need to read it in order to enjoy the main Aligned series. It is just a bonus story. If you are already on my mailing list you will receive this book in an email as soon as it is finished in August/September. If you are not on my mailing list and want to receive Aligned: Ever After you can sign up to get your book here:


Lastly to celebrate the release of Aligned: Volume 4 I am giving away a $25 Amazon gift card. Enter to win here:

Would love to hear your thoughts about Aligned: Volume 4 and Aligned: Ever After! Email me or comment below! If you comment though remember no spoilers please! :)