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Thursday, September 15 2016 / 3:49 pm

I am putting the finishing touches on Aligned: Ever After so I thought it was time for a sneak peek, giveaway, and release date reveal!

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So first off what is Aligned: Ever After? It's a bonus free novella to say thank you to you my readers for reading my first series and just being awesome! It is completely 100% free the only catch is you have to sign up for my mailing list so I know where to send your free book.

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Aligned: Ever After is number 5 in the Aligned series and should be read after Aligned: Volumes 1-4. If you haven't read the Aligned series yet you can get them on Amazon here. If you are a Kindle Unlimited reader the Aligned books are coming to Kindle Unlimited very soon! So make sure to check back next week to get them.

Aligned Ever After Cover

Aligned: Ever After will be released September 22nd!

Read on to read the first sexy chapter of Aligned: Ever After

Chapter One


I feel her soft lips touch mine enticing me to wake up as her tongue licks over my bottom lip.

“Wake up,” she says, as her lips hover over mine.

I grin, but have no intention of waking up. I have intentions of doing other, more sinful things that involve her naked and tied to my bed first. I grab the back of her neck pulling her lips back to mine. I know her well enough to know that two more kisses will be all it takes for her to give in. Two more kisses and she will submit to anything I ask. Two more kisses and she will be mine.

But, she doesn’t give me the chance to kiss her on the lips. Instead, she pulls away and giggles as my kiss lands somewhere in her hair. I groan my frustration.

“Come here woman and let me kiss you.”

I still don’t open my eyes, but I can see her smile as she laughs at me. Her body is sitting just above my hard cock that is begging her to move just a few inches lower so that I can take her like I want to.

“No,” she says, laughing again.

I frown. “What do you mean no?”

She leans down so that I can feel her soft hair brush my chest before landing on each side of my face again as her lips land on mine for the briefest of kisses. I grab her neck to try and deepen the kiss, but she’s too fast for me. She’s probably already been awake for at least an hour now feeding Isabella. I, on the other hand, am barely awake; my reflexes can’t match hers — yet.

“I’m not letting you fuck me until after you marry me,” she says.

“Oh, come on.” I feel her begin to climb off of me, but this time I grab her wrist before she is able to get off of me. I pull her down hard to my chest as a gasp escapes her lips. I grin before landing a kiss on her plump lips. She moans a little as I do, which makes my cock twitch for her.

Her determination is stronger then I imagined as she tries to wiggle out of my grasp. “Nope. You can wait a few hours until after we are married.”

“Fine,” I sigh, but have no intention of giving up that quickly. When she spoke, it was with panted breath. She wants me now. Not in twelve hours after we are married. I can’t wait and neither can she.

I reach up sweetly to her until I feel the side of her face. She leans into me just a little as I stroke her cheek letting her defenses down. I tuck her hair behind her ear and slowly let my hand trace the ridges of her neck. I still don’t bother opening my eyes. I know her body without having to open them. I know what I am doing is driving her wild with need. I know that even though my touch is sweet, it isn’t meant to feel sweet. It’s meant to start a fire that is slowly building inside of her. One that I know once ignited, isn’t easily extinguished. A fire that only takes a single spark to ignite.

I feel her shiver as my hand moves lower. It’s now or never. I grab her neck tightening my grasp around her neck as I sit up quickly to plant the softest of kisses on her lips. The tenderness combined with the pain is her undoing. I feel it the second her body gives in to me, but my words are what clench the deal.

“I’ll wait to fuck you until tonight, but just know that when I claim you as my wife, it’s not going to be magic and rainbows. It’s not going to be just making love to the woman I vowed to spend the rest of my life with. It will be fucking the most beautiful woman, a woman that is my life now, until you never want to tell me no again.”

I release my grasp on her neck and listen to her pant. I lie back down and wait. One… two… three…

“Fuck it,” she groans as her body attacks mine.

I smirk. “That is my plan.”

Her lips land on mine, wiping the smirk from my lips. Her hands claw my body begging me to give her what she said she didn’t want. Begging me to fuck her. Begging me not to wait. Begging me to give her everything.

I feel her pussy slide down on top of my hard cock that has been begging for her touch since I woke up this morning. Her hips immediately begin moving up and down thrusting harder and harder showing me how desperately she needs me. I meet her thrusts, happy to oblige.

She moans loudly with each thrust. I open my eyes to see her thrusting on top of me and to see her beautiful face as she takes control and makes us both come. As I do, soft silk fabric is thrown over my face blocking my view of the beautiful woman riding me. I move my hand to remove the fabric blocking my view, but Alex’s hands grab hold of my wrists stopping me.

“I don’t want you to see me. I want to pretend that we are strangers. I want to pretend that this is the first time we met and we are hooking up for the first time. I want to pretend that this is the last time we will ever get to fuck a stranger. That way when you fuck me tonight it will make it all the more special,” Alex says.

I smile happy to play along with her games. I leave the fabric where it is, covering my eyes as her hands intertwine with mine. Her movements become more frantic, her breathing becomes faster, and her moans become louder. Everything about her shows me that she won’t last long. Her hands release mine and move to my chest, needing better leverage to move faster, harder.

I reach down between her legs and find her clit with my thumb trying to take her over the edge of the cliff that she is so desperate to climb. She moans loudly as I do. I rub faster as she continues to move up and down on my cock, until I can’t last much longer. I try to slow her movements, worried that I will come before her, but I should know my almost wife better than that…

“Landon!” She screams as she comes and I follow right after her.

Her body collapses on top of mine. Her head next to my head and our chests lined up so that our hearts are beating fast on top of each other. Our breathing keeps pace with one another, both trying to slow down from the intensity that just happened between us.

“I can’t believe we are getting married today,” she says.

Panic rises in my chest as I remember my last dream before a wedding. When I thought I was having sex with Alex, when I thought I was marrying Alex. When in reality I wasn’t getting married to Alex, I was getting married to Caroline.

I throw the silky fabric off my face terrified that my nightmare is about to come true. That I’m not marrying Alex tonight. That this is some cruel joke. That instead of Alex I’ll come face-to-face with Caroline again.

I thrust the woman off my chest trying to get a good look at her. Hoping that I see red locks instead of blonde. Hoping I see Alex’s strong body instead of Caroline’s soft one. Hoping to God I see a missing leg instead of a whole one.

“What are you doing?” Alex says.

I exhale deeply as my eyes focus on Alex’s green eyes and red hair. I flop back on the bed and close my eyes able to relax again now that I know my nightmare isn’t about to come true.

I feel a little nudge on my shoulder and I open my eyes. “What was that?” Alex asks.

“Nothing,” I say.

“That wasn’t nothing,” she says, eyeing me suspiciously.

“Trust me, that was nothing,” I say.

“Really? You’re going to start our married life telling me a lie?”

“Technically, we’re not married yet. And even if we were, it’s not a lie, it was nothing.”

Isabella cries and I watch as Alex turns her attention from me to our six-month-old daughter. I smile, our daughter really does have perfect timing. Never once has she cried when I’ve made love to Alex. Never once has she cried when I’m playing a song. Never once has she cried when I’m on an important call. Yet, she cries right on cue anytime Alex gives the slightest hint that she is upset with me. It’s almost like my daughter is still protecting me. Still doing everything she can to keep me out of harm’s way. Even if harm’s way is just Alex yelling at me and rightfully so.

Alex quickly climbs out of bed throwing a robe around her shoulders before moving to the crib in the corner of the room. I watch in awe as she picks up our daughter and holds her in her arms rocking her gently back and forth. Isabella quickly quiets just being in Alex’s arms.

“Shh, Izzy. It’s okay, Momma’s got you. I’m not going to yell at your father even though he deserves it.” Alex gives me a dirty look from across the room.

I flash her a crooked grin and watch as Alex’s face lightens just a little. She can’t help but love me even when she’s annoyed with me.

“You hungry, Izzy?” Alex asks.

Izzy coos as Alex speaks to her.

I hear a knock at the door to our hotel room followed quickly by the door being pushed open. I watch as Caroline pushes her way into the room. I grab the covers covering my naked body as she enters the room. Caroline looks at me and smirks “No need to cover up. Nothing I haven’t seen before.”

I frown.

Caroline smiles as she looks from me to Alex who is also frowning.

“Sorry,” Caroline says not in the least bit apologetic voice.

“You’re forgiven,” Alex says though, as Caroline scoops up her favorite niece into her arms. Izzy coos and laughs with excitement as her favorite aunt picks her up into her arms.

“I’m stealing you,” Caroline says to Izzy. Izzy just smiles brighter as Caroline speaks to her and twirls her around in her arms.

“I really don’t think I can be apart from her, not today. You can steal her tomorrow,” Alex says her voice unsteady.

“Don’t worry, I’m stealing you too,” Caroline says smiling.

“What?” Alex asks.

Caroline doesn’t give her an explanation, just grabs Alex’s arm and begins pulling her out of the hotel room while still carrying Izzy in her other arm. Alex quickly grabs Izzy’s diaper bag as she is being pulled from the room.

“Wait,” I say.

Caroline doesn’t hesitate for a second, she just continues to take the two loves of my life out of my room.

“Shower. Drew will be over an hour. No drinking,” Caroline says to me.

I roll my eyes at her. I think I’ve learned my lesson when it comes to drinking. Alex flashes one last grin before Caroline pulls her out the door, happy to have found a family at last. A family that she can connect with. Something that she has desperately wanted ever since her family left her.

I’m happy that she has finally found what she is looking for, I just wish it wasn’t with Caroline. I will never understand how Alex was able to so easily forgive Caroline for what she did. Even I wasn’t so quick to forgive her. Forgiveness only came after I realized that Alex could finally be mine. For Alex though, she continues to see the best in people even after everything that has happened. Even if it means she could be risking her life…

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