Hot & Sinful Nights Excerpt

Tuesday, September 12 2017 / 2:48 am

Hot & Sinful Nights Preview


The Hot & Sinful authors collaborated to bring you their steamiest teasers yet. 19 scorching hot teasers, 20 giveaways to go along side each and every filthy listing. Make sure to enter the Kindle Fire giveaway once you hop your way through to the end.

Here's my excerpt of 'Heart of a Liar', included in the Hot & Sinful Nights box set:

Is she upset and going to leave? Or does she want me to fuck her in this office?

When her eyes meet mine, I know the answer. I push the door shut and turn the lock. And I meet her halfway, grabbing her ass as she grabs my neck, our lips locking again. We kiss and kiss, desperate for each other. Ivy’s hands clutch my chest while mine grab her gorgeous ass. We’re showing each other how desperate we are to have one moment where the lies or the truth don’t matter. It’s just about us connecting in a primal way that we both need, that we are desperate for.

“How does my dirty girl want to be fucked?” I kiss her neck while I wait for her response.

“I’m not so dirty anymore.”

I bite her earlobe as she purrs.

“I think you’re still plenty dirty enough.”

In one swipe, I knock everything off my desk and onto the floor. Ivy gasps.

I laugh as I pick her up and set her on the desk. I spread her legs far apart and step in between them. I place my hand on her chin and pull her forward for one long kiss, trying to slow things down a little before we lose our minds. When I stop kissing her, I grab the hem of her dress and slowly lift it over her head as she grabs my shirt and does the same.

“Bra off,” I command.

I watch as she slowly slinks out of her bra. I suck in a breath when I notice something new and very dirty. Nipple piercings. She wasn’t wearing them the night before.

I bend down and immediately take one of her nipples in my mouth, swirling around the piercing. “You’re right; you’re not such a dirty girl anymore.”

She moans as I suck, and then she bites down hard on my shoulder as I take the other one in my mouth.

“I’m only dirty for you.”

I grab and rip her underwear down her body, and my mouth drops to the floor.

“I’ve been very dirty,” she says as her hands travel down between her legs, between her folds, to play with the piercing covering her clit. That she also wasn’t wearing last night.

As much as I want her to keep playing with herself while I sit and watch, I can’t let her continue. I grab her hand and take whatever fingers into my mouth, licking her sweet juices off of them. And then I lower my tongue to taste her.

“Fuck!” she screams much too loudly for someone in the building not to hear.

I stop when she screams and then bend down to grab the underwear that is lying on the floor. I shove it into her mouth to keep her quiet.

“If you scream, I can’t keep doing this,” I say.

My tongue flicks in between her full lips and over her clit. I can see in her eyes how good it feels and how desperate she is to scream again. I pull a condom out of my pocket and then push my pants and underwear down as I continue to lick her. I stroke myself once and then twice, but it’s not necessary. I’m more than hard for her. I push the condom onto my dick and then grab her, pulling her off the desk. She whimpers just a little at the loss of my touch, but then I shove her hard against the window, face-first. Her eyes grow wide when she realizes that anybody can see her in the window, completely naked and exposed. But, when I start kissing her neck, she no longer cares. I push into her pussy from behind, and I watch as she bites down hard on the underwear in her mouth.

“You like that, my dirty princess?”

She moans her response.

I thrust over and over as I take turns grabbing each nipple and flicking its piercing. Her body was amazing before, but now, it’s even more fun to play with. I love listening to the soft moans as I thrust inside her. I love feeling her body tighten and expand as I move inside her. I love the look in her eyes growing heavier and heavier. I love knowing that she lets me have complete control, doing anything I want to her body, and that she only lets me have that control. Because, deep down, despite all my lies, I know that she trusts me enough to give me that control. She just won’t ever admit it to herself.

“Come, princess.” I see her getting close.

Her body trembles, and then she screams.