Teaser Excerpt from Dirty Obsession

Thursday, January 11 2018 / 10:25 pm

Dirty Obsession Excerpt

Dirty Obsession Releases Jan 18!

If only she had a forever.

Kissing her neck and back isn’t enough to satisfy me. I want to taste every inch of her body. I need it more than I need air.

I know I need to be rough with her, and I will be. But, first, I need to be sweet. As much for her as for me.

I grab her hips and pull her up onto all fours. She moves, but she doesn’t have the strength to hold herself up. I have to hold her up.

I spread her legs and move underneath her. I suck each of her nipples first. Loving how they harden under my tongue. It’s the first reaction I’ve gotten from her. I watch her chest rise and fall a little as I suck on one, her breathing slowly picking up.

She’s excited.

I kiss down her smooth stomach as I hold her up with my arms, as her arms are doing nothing to keep her up. My tongue slips down to her pussy. I forgot how good she tastes. I feel the slickness that has already formed there. I expertly move my tongue around her folds and over her clit, and I feel more liquid pool. And I lap every drop that I can, loving that, even though she is in this much pain, I can still turn her body on.

Her body wants me even if she doesn’t.

I continue licking a few seconds more until I finally get the one word I was hoping to get from her.

“Yes,” she moans ever so quietly. So quietly that I’m not even sure I heard it or if I just wanted to hear it.

But I take that as my cue that she wants this. Maybe not exactly like this, but she still wants me. And this is much better than the alternative.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard, Nina, that you are going to forget about everything other than me,” I say as I move from underneath her to behind her again.

I let her hips rest back down as I push my cock against her ass. This time, when I do, she doesn’t moan; she whimpers in an I-need-you kind of way.

I spread her legs further, and then I push my cock into her pussy, just letting the head rest inside her.

Her slickness welcomes me, pushing me deeper inside. I don’t want gentle though, and I don’t think Nina does either.

I slap her ass hard as I drive my cock inside her.

She screams, and my cock hardens more.

I slap her again as I thrust inside.

She screams, but it’s not a terrifying or painful scream. It’s a God-please-don’t-stop scream.

It drives me mad, and I forget about everything else other than fucking her. My beautiful, imperfect, obsessive Nina.

Dirty Obsession Releases Jan 18!