Dirty Beginning

Dirty Beginning

Arlo Carini saved my life, only to destroy it.

When I first met him, he was the wealthy, powerful, sexy stranger giving me and a dozen other art history students a tour of his mansion. But he soon became my everything.

My savior.
My lover.
My obsession.

He tried to warn me. Every chance he could, he tried to get me to run far, far away. But it only made my obsession grow stronger. Until I made the worst mistake I could. And ended up trapped forever.

WARNING: Dirty Beginning is a prequel novella and ends on a cliffhanger. This is a DARK and dirty romance series. Dirty Obsession, the full-length novel that follows, releases January 2018.

Series Order:
Dirty Beginning: A Prequel Novella
Dirty Obsession (Full-Length Novel)—Coming January 2018